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Calendar Girls
Calendar Girls
Addiction Level Rating: 2.5 CCs out of 5 CCs
This was a fun movie and my theatre was full, mostly of women, who were having a good time watching this true story about a group of older women who pose for a charity pinup calendar and become celebrities and learn life lessons on their long journey from England's Yorkshire Dales to Hollywood and back.
Lifelong friends Chris (Helen Mirren) and Annie (Julie Walters) belong to the Women's Institute for women and are bored with the discussions and guest speakers at the meetings and find themselves just giggling when they should be listening and they enter store-bought cakes in bakeoffs and don't know jam from jelly.  Chris tries to do things to liven it up and Annie is quiet but strong which serves her well when her husband is diagnosed with cancer and we see him slowly slip away.  They decide that the Women's Institute needs a fund raising campaign to buy new furniture for the family waiting room at the hospital in his memory but can't think of something that would catch on until Chris sees a pinup calendar at a mechanic friend's garage and she decides that even though they are older that eleven of their friends in the Women's Institure organization could do this (the month of December would be a joint picture featuring all eleven).  Well, you can imagine how this went over at first until these women thought about it.  Chris and Annie received the response they needed from the women and the picture taking was hilarious except  the president of the Institute didn't want to use their organization to sponsor it so they had to go to the national leadership and finally won approval. 
Since they didn't think it could make much money, they were surprised by the response and were asked to go to America to push it.  They were on many TV shows and had so much fun sightseeing.
There were problems but eventually you will see how well it went over and just how much money they made for the hospital.  It was just a fun movie about older English women and I enjoyed it. The director was Nigel Cole (Saving Grace).  l hr. 38 minutes.
-Barbara Higdon