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House of Sand & Fog
House of Sand and Fog
                 Rated: R

Addiction Level Rating:

The acting in this movie was superflous with Academy Award winners Jennifer Connelley (A BEAUTIFUL MIND) and Sir Ben Kingsley (GHANDI) staring in this dramatic thriller based on the bestseller by Andre Dubus III.
This is a story of the American dream gone awry as two people go to desperate measures to claim ownership of a house.  It's only a small bungelow in Northern California but to Kathy Nicola (Jennifer Connelley) it is her last hope for her life which was nearly lost to alcoholic addiction.  A bureaucratic error forces her eviction and she is left homeless and helpless to stop the house from being sold for a fraction of it's worth. 
The new owner, Massoud A. Behrani (Sir Ben Kingsley) sees the house as the fulfillment of the Amnerican dream he has been pursuing since he and his family fled Iran years earlier.  He was a former Colonel in the Iranian Air Force.  He has a plan for his family's future but to keep this plan viable he has been reduced to working menial jobs to maintain the pretense of affluence.  Now he pours the last of his life savings into purchasing the house which he plans to resell for 4 times what he has paid for it after doing some remodeling.
The story helps you understand the plight of both people and what the house represents for both of them.  It gets more involved when the Deputy Sheriff Lester Burdon (Ron Eldord-BLACK HAWK DOWN) who is assigned the job of evicting Kathy and has an unhappy home life, falls for Kathy and thus tries to help her retrieve her house.  The attorney Kathy uses is played by Francis Fisher but she is unable to help Kathy unless Massoud will sell the house back to Kathy at the reduced price.  This he will not do.  You learn so much about the characters in the story especially his wife and son and you hope things will work out.  This you must see in the film.
You will not need it explained as it is there for you to see and as I said Sir Ben Kingsley gives the best acting job I have seen this year.
-Barbara Higdon