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Euro Trip
Euro Trip
             Rated R
Addiction Level Rating: 3 CCs

Normally, when you see a movie being promoted through the highs of another movie (from the producers of Old School and Road Trip) it turns out to be a lame duck. This is not the case with Euro Trip.  If you are not easily offended by bathroom humor and naked ladies, this movie will be right down your alley.

Euro Trip is the story of recent high school graduates and their summer of Euro nonsense.

Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) just got the shaft from his teen sweetie and turns to his German email pal for solace only to discover what he thinks is a man. After he is enlightened of the fact that Meike is a girl and a pretty hot one to boot, he and buddy Cooper (Jacob Pitts) are off to Berlin to capture the women of Scotts dreams.  

Scott and Cooper end up hooking up with two school chums-twin brother and sister played by Michelle Trachtenberg and Travis Wester.


The quad get into some hair raising situations as they trek across Europe. With stops in Paris and all points in between, the teens manage to partake of English Soccer rowdies, A French Robot fight, Gay train lovin, twisted Amsterdam sex tales, a fully-lit hitch ride and a drunken brother and sister love affair.

Don't be ashamed to lower your standards to see this movie. Just remember this one is for the adults-leave the kids at home. Unlike the screening that I went to where there were babies crying and preteens. I wanted to smack a couple of parent.

Message to parents who bring their little ones to this movie: You should be kicked in the privates with an iron boot!

-Jayson Floyd


Can you spot?:
What two actors in Euro Trip are reunited from the cast of Guy Ritchie's movie "Snatch"?