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Addiction Level Rating: 2.5 CCs
Jessica Shephard (Ashley Judd) has just been promoted to police inspector with the San Francisco Police Department's Homicide Unit, and with that she is assigned her first case - a man found beated to death on the beach.  Something is eating at her as she picks up men at bars for one night stands and this victim is one that she has had a one-night stand a few months back.  Her release is drinking too much while off the job and then we are privy to her rummaging through an old box containing bloodied black and white photos of a man with a bullet in the head and some dirty Raggedy Ann dolls.  The man turns out to be her father.   Jessica at age 6 lost both of her parents, as she tells it, in a car wreck, but in reality her father, a police officer, was a serial killer who ended up murdering his wife before killing himself.  John ( Samuel L. Jackson), her father's partner, and hard as nails became her mentor as she grew up and helped her to become a police officer.  Now he thinks she needs protection, possibly from herself. 
She has an eerie feeling that she is being followed and watched and each time she has had a one night stand, the man ends up being beated to death with all the clues leading to herself.  She drinks too much and has blackouts where she doesn't know where she has been and, of course, during those times a new man has been found beaten to death with a cigarette burn on his hand, a sign of a serial killer.  Mike (Andy Garcia) has been assigned as her new partner and as the story develops you begin to wonder about him as a possible candidate for the murderer especially when John finds out what has caused her blackouts.  This is as much as I can tell you before ruining the ending, so go see it.  I really enjoyed it as a good evolving murder mystery.
This is rated 'R' for a reason but a good adult mystery.
-Barbara Higdon