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     Rated: R
Starring: Val Kilmer,Derek Luke, William H.Macy,
 Kirsten Bell & Ed O'Neill
Addiction Level Rating: 2CCs
Robert Scott (Val Kilmer), special ops officer with years of brutal military service behind him is assigned to find the president's apparently kidnapped daughter, Laura Newton (Kristen Bell).  Curtis (Derek Luke and you'll remember him in Antwone Fisher) is his protege'  who is assigned to be his partner.
Scott works with a task force of presidential advisors, the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA to find her, but  their investigation comes upon a white slavery ring in the Middle East which possibly might have a connection to Laura's disappearance.  The regular search and rescue mission becomes bogged down in political issues and the girl's abduction starts to look more suspicious.  Just when we think she might be rescued the news comes out that  she had been out with her boyfriend and had fallen off a boat and was drowned.  This would end the investigation except for Curtis who gets suspicious and as he and Scott are looking around the house where she was kept, they are attacked from a boat in the lake with sharp shooters.  Scott is drawn further into the investigation and the government is trying to shut him up before startling information comes to light.  This is as far as I go and Val Kilmer does the best he can with what he has to work with and William Macy and Ed O'Neill handle their parts in the film adeptly. 
This is a movie worth seeing but requires discussion to understand it after it is over.  Writer/director's David Mamet's style (remember Glengarry Glen Ross) doesn't fit well with the story.
Certainly not for children so rated R.

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