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The Ladykillers
The Ladykillers
                Rated R
   Running Time: 104 minutes
Addiction Level Rating: 2ccs
I don't know if the Coel brothers get a by on movies they have directed because they are the Coel brothers with some stature, but this one was almost more than I could take.  I realized that it was a remake of an Alex Guinness 1955 movie and that Tom Hanks did a very good job with what he had to work with but it was boring to say the least. 
Tom Hanks plays the ringleader of a casino heist group living in the house of a very feisty church going Southern widow, Mrs. Munson (Irma P. Hall) who steals every scene she is in.  Hanks character (Goldthwait Higginson Dorr, III, Ph.D.) a Southern gentleman and expert thief, leads a heist with a crew of goofy (to say the least) crooks.  Setting up headquarters at a boarding house of the widowed (dead husband's portrait keeps her in line) Baptist-loving and very sassy Mrs. Munson, Dorr convinces her that he requires her cellar for his music group to practice.  The band is actually his criminal team and he plans and carries out the task of digging a tunnel from her basement into a riverboat casino to rob the safe.  But his crew comprised of Gawain (Marion Wayans, how many more Wayans are there?) a janitor at the casino; an ex-hippie and Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferer Garth Pancake (J. K. Simmons); The General (Tzi Ma), a stoic, chain smoking tunneling pro; and Lump (Ryan Hurst, remember him in Return of the Titans where his role made sense), an ex-football player whose brains are in short order, continue to have problems.  God-fearing Southern Mrs. Munson is initially charmed (after all they don't play that 'hippity-hop' music that she can't stand) but once she catches on to their scheme, the crazy characters must find a way to dispose of her and thus the name, The Lady Killers.
Hanks plays a Southerner who's part William Faulkner and part Colonel Sanders.  He is an eloquent Edgar Allen Poe-quoting dandy.  Hanks wears the all-white suits with capes and speaks with antiquated turns of phrase that are supposed to be appealing and anachronistically funny.  Supposed to be.  Joel Coen aka the Coel brothers have wrung out many such characters such as George Clooner in O Brother Where Art Thou but Hanks oddities are obvious at every turn.  Guinness character presented more underlying evil and that element made the original character so deliciously funny.  Too bad the rest of the cast didn't have enough stimulating material to bounce off Munson. 
I was not impressed with this movie.  It was not funny and the foul language was unnecessary along with laughing at murder and death. 
-Barbara Higdon