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Walking Tall
Walking Tall
                  Rated PG-13
         Running Time: 85 Minutes

Walking Tall is the story inspired by the life of Sheriff Buford Pusser.  It is also the remake of the original film of the same name. 

The Rock plays Chris Vaughn (the character based off Sheriff Pusser).  The film begins with Chris returning home from the military to a town that has greatly changed in the 8 years he has been gone.  He finds that the local woodmill has been closed to open a large casino that has brought crime and corruption to his hometown.  After Vaughn discovers that the Casino is not only cheating people out of their money, but is also a cover for a major drug operation he decides to take matters into his own hands.  Armed with a sheriff badge and a four foot long 4-by-4, he and his deputy, Ray Templeton (played by Johnny Knoxville), are out to clean up the town once and for all.

I loved this movie!  The Rock had a great preformance that was only complimented by Knoxville's wacky form of humor to make this an increadable film.  Another notable thing about his film was its length, it is only about an hour and fifteen minutes long from start to finish.  This film gets strait to the point with plenty of in-your-face action scenes the make it worth while.  This is the movie that will define The Rock as the action hero for the next generation.  This is a must see!
-Adam Jung