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The Prince & Me
The Prince & Me
                Rated: PG
     Running Time: 111 minutes
Another romantic story that every girl dreams of,  meeting her Prince Charming and living 'happily ever after'.  But with this one you get the message of the 20th century that you can have the prince, what goes with him and your life also.
Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles) is under a lot of pressure as she is a pre-med student at the University of Wisconsin, so she's got class all day, a minimum wage job tending bar in the evenings, and she spends her evenings filling out med school applications.  She has goals and is driven so she doesn't have time for love, even though most of her friends have gone the marriage route.  Prince Edward (Luke Mably), on the other hand, lives a charmed existence.  He'll be king one day and lives in a castle in Denmark, travels the world, races fast cars, has a butler-protector (Ben Miller) to tend to his every need.  His womanizing is emblazoned on the pages of all European tabloids but as he gets older and should be more on track for assuming the crown, his mom (Miranda Richardson) and dad (James Fox) demand that Edward start acting the roll of the king-in-waiting.  Edward feels the pressure and after seeing an informercial featuring hot Midwestern college girls baring their breasts, he is inspired to head for the dairy capital of the world - though penniless - but with butler in tow - where he meets Paige.  He doesn't want anyone to know he is a prince so goes by the name of 'Eddie' and makes a mistake when going to the bar where Paige is employed to ask her to bare her breasts whereas she squirts him with seltzer water and marks him off as an idiot.  Of course they meet again, in the lab where they are teamed on class assignments.  He is unreliable and almost causes her to lose out but then, of course, he straightens up, gets a job in her bar (using her as his reference) and helps her with her course in Shakespeare.  She invites him home with her for Thanksgiving to the farm to meet her family and learn farm life, still not knowing he is a prince.  Sparks fly and the media finds him and blows his cover with pictures of the two kissing.  She is angry that he has lied to her and he leaves to return home but the note he leaves her arouses the secret love she has for him and she follows using credit cards from friends. 
Edward finds his father in failing health and then Paige arrives during a parade in which the royal family is riding and Edward upon seeing her grabs her up on the horse and they spirit away much to the dismay of his mother.  Edward asks Paige to marry him and she says 'yes' without realizing what this entails.  She becomes a part of the continuous royal activities prior to marriage and changes her mind and flies back home to finish her schooling and that's where I leave you. 
It is a little trite but makes for a good date movie. 
Throughout the movie, one wonders how director Martha Coolidge and writers Jack Amiel and Michel Begler will end the fantasy;  Will Paige be queen? Or will she stay true to her dreams? Will Edward give up the throne to be with Paige?  Go See!!!!!!
-Barbara Higdon