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Laws of Attraction
Laws of Attraction
Addiction Level Rating:2CCs
I would give this movie a 2 star just because of the two stars, Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore but not because of the chemistry between them.
Brosnan leaves his 007 roles to play Daniel Rafferty, a celebrated New York divorce attorney who makes most of his money from books, speaker's fees and an occasional high-profile marital dispute.  He may be brilliant but he dresses down and puts up a good front as uncaring on propriety and his appearance. 
Moore on the other hand plays Audrey Woods,a successful lawyer who  lives a lavish style in a Manhattan apartment.  Her mentor is her mother, Sara (Frances Fisher), who is beautiful at 56 and plans to stay that way.  She is totally interested in men and has had many marriages and can't understand why her daughter can't find the right man.  This lady is the bright light in an otherwise so-so movie.
They are attracted to each other but are rivals in a high profile case of a rock star and his wife, a clothes designer.  As they try to find a way to split the assets of their clients, they become entangled in their own alcohol- nduced wedding and because they are high-profile divorce lawyers, they continue a farce of being a couple until an outburst in court where Rafferty lets a secret out on Audrey's client and she (Audrey) demands a divorce.  Events, however, turn this around.  Of course, this ends happy and you should have already guessed that.  It is supposed to be reminicent of the romantic, comedic and legal entanglements of the Spencer Tracey/Katherine Hepburn classics.  If you go with the idea that you don't have to think deep about the story and just enjoy, it could be enjoyable.  Pierce Brosnan is a hunk whether he is 007 or not and Julianne Moore is good whether she is in Hannibal or Jurasic Park II or just playful as in this movie.  There is implied sex but no grafic scenes.  Enjoy!
-Barbara Higdon
A Second Opinion

The new romantic comedy staring Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore centers around two New York divorce attorney's who gain publicity for their heated debates inside the court room.  When the two lawyers again take apposing sides on a high profile divorce between a rock star and his wife.  In the midst of the case the two lawyers get married.  Now can they keep the marriage from falling to the same fate as that of their clients'.

I was very surprised by this movie.  It is filled with light humor that keeps you laughing from beginning to end.  This is a light entertaining movie that I would definitely suggest going to see.

Adam Jung