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Van Helsing
Van Helsing
        Rated PG-13
Addiction Level Rating:2.5CCs
Van Helsing works for the Pope to kick monster's asses, he falls for a girl who dies and he will have a movie franchise for years to come. That pretty much sums up this movie. For as much hype as this film has produced it came up with very little in terms of entertainment value.
The lack of story was masked by non-stop action and special effects. I personally liked to special effects, but some of the crap they pulled in this movie was beyond realistic. Sure, that is what movies are for-to take you some place you could never go, but there is no sense in insulting the audience.
The best part of the film was probably the opening sequence. It was shot in black and white and felt like an homage to the old monster movies. The next best thing was Kate Beckinsale. She looked very, very good in this flick, but she only served as wrapping for this turd of a movie.
Note to Hollywood: Once you figure out how to balance out all the special effects and CG with a good storyline let me know!
-Jayson Floyd