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Rated: R
4 out of 5 Stars
Synopsis:Photographer and filmmaker David LaChapelle examines "krumping," an aggressive, athletic dance style emerging from the streets of South Central Los Angeles.
Film Addiction Reaction: 
In a run of strong docs within the last two years, this film ranks amongst the tops. LaChapelle captured the essence of not only the strength of the growing dance movement, but the emotions that fuel the movements. Crunk reminds me of a more hard core and rooted break dancing (although you won't see me bustin out the cardboard anytime soon). In the frame of past and recent race related riots, Rize created and inspiring and uplifiting story that shows that the human character can "Rise" above the horrid daily life of South Central L.A. The only downside to the film was when LaChapelle reverted to his music video directing roots as the later portions of the movie seemed like a dance expose set to music.

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