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The archive of Focus on Filmmaker features. Take a look back at some of the artists that have been featured at Film Addiction.

Miles Bellas, Digital Artist

Brian Dannelly, Director

Joan Churchill, Documentary Filmmaker

Scott Allen Perry, Independent Filmmaker

Nathan Franson, Special Effects Makeup Artist

Kelly Asbury, Animation Director

Ben Cocico, Director

Jay Holben, Director of Photography

J.A. Steel, Director

Barney Oldfield, Angelika Film Executive

David Grove, Steadicam Operator

Bruce Wayne Gillies: Writer,Producer & Director

Krisin Burke, Costume Designer

Kevin Pike, Special Effects Supervisor

Vicky Jenson, Live-Action & Animated Director

Christian Johnston, Documentary Filmmaker

Gary B. Yates, Screenwriter & Director

Ryan Shiraki, Director and Screenwriter

John Ashker, Stuntman

Michael W. Dean, Author and Filmmaker

Bill Boll,Independent filmmaker

Kenneth A. Larson, Set Designer