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To provide information about movies and movie makers that is both fun and enlightening.

Our History

My first job as a kid was at a movie theater.Over those few years I would see just about every movie that came out because I got to watch them for free. This was a period in the late 80's that many of the famous summer blockbusters and memorable holiday movies came out. Growing up being a huge Star Wars fan, I can remember not only the movie but the feelings and emotions that went along with those memories.
I became more entrenched in film and filmmaking when I got involved in the deadCENTER Film Festival. This was a dream of my brothers-Justan Floyd for several years. He had the idea of running an independent film festival here in Oklahoma City that promoted local filmmakers. For the first two years I served as the Executive Director. During my tenure I ran almost every aspect of the festival from being the webmaster for the film festival website to making television and radio apperances. My brother and I appeared on a local television feature entitled "Is This A Great State Or What?", also we appeared on several major radio shows including the Rick & Brad show. This exposure allowed, or forced me as the case may be, to become even more knowledgeable about filmmaking from an independent perspective.
I am still involved in the deadCENTER Film Festival to this day. I just had to scale back because of work and family commitments.
My love of movies has been the reason I started this website in 2003. I wanted to not only examine current movies, but also feature indivduals within the industry.

-Jayson Floyd