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Sombrero Girl Updates

Sombrero Girl
Yes, I finally finished the damn thing! I had the opportunity to have a screening in May at the IAO Gallery. Also, it played in the Oklahoma Shorts section of the deadCENTER Film Festival. I have submitted to the DC Short Film Festival that takes place in September. I am also looking to submit to the Tulsa Overground Film Festival and of course the Bare Bones Festival.
Thanks to all who helped with the film, especially my brother-Justan Floyd.
I have been involved in independent films for several years, but Sombrero Girl represents my first attempt at my own film. The following images were taken this past week from the three day shoot of Sombrero Girl. The film will be edited throughout the summer and be ready for the festival circuit in the fall.
-Jayson Floyd
Director of Photography, Justan Floyd gets a close in shot of the restaraunt scene
Before the shoot even started, the day started with an interesting twist. On the way to the shoot, driving on I-40, I noticed something on fire. As I got closer, and slapped a tape in the camcorder, I noticed that I was coming up on a very bad wreck. As it turns out, a semi-truck had rear ended a car and both had caught on fire. As I was driving by, I captured the fiery accident from about thirty yards away. Not thinking much of the footage, I showed it to Justan and Shad once I got on the set. They told me I should take it to the news stations. As it turns out, Justan and Shad took the footage to our local ABC affiliate and they used it on the pm news. I was also interviewed about the shot which was used on the 10:00pm news cast. This is not how I perfer to gain my "15 minutes of fame", but oh well!
The main cast prepares their lines for the restaraunt scene.
The first location of the shoot took place at Hideaway Pizza. The shoot got off to a slow start as we had to wait for power for the microphone. I was using a Sennheiser mic, which takes a very hard to find battery. After an hour and a half delay, I finally got all the footage I needed.
I would like to thank Janie Harris, PR director of Hideaway and all the staff for making this scene a success.
The roles of Beth and Lisa played by Tiffany and Dannielle.
The next location took the crew to AA Food Mart in the Paseo district of OKC. We shot scenes for the opening sequence. Everything went according to plan for this shot. The only thing we had to battle here was the heat and traffic control.
The roles of Paul and Jarvis played by Curtis and Kartik

The second day of the shoot were all interior shots. We had planned an exterior swimming pool shot, but weather cancelled us out. I will pick this scene up at a later date.
The second day shots, were of an apartment scene. We used one apartment to double as two for the movie. We filmed scenes of interaction with characters, a bed room scene (sorry, no nudity here) and some pick up montage scenes. The only bad thing is I forgot to take still pictures of this shoot.

A pivotal scene with actors Adam and Beka playing Damon and Veronica
The third day of the shoot was primarily shots of the lead characters. We started the day at Hafer Park and ended with the entire cast at the Venu Bar. What happened in between is a secret, all I can tell you is that no one got arrested.
I want to thank the Venu Bar for allowing us to take up their space.
Get equipment ready for the Venu Bar shoot

The Venu bar was a great location. The only snag we ran into was finding people to be in the background for the dance floor scene. I even had one jackass wanting me to buy him a beer to stand in the background. Sorry pal, I don't buy beers for guys- try the Habana Inn!
Anyway, most of the shots were captured during the three days of shooting. One more day will be added for pickup shots and shots lost due to weather.
I want to thank first of all Justan Floyd who stuck with me throught the entire shoot despite being sick. Also, I want to thank all the actors, who I will thank more extensively at a later date. The acting crew did a suberb job and I would not hesitate to work with them again. I can't forget those who popped in to help with the filming crew: Shawn, Shad and Justin.
I will have more updates as time progresses. In the mean time, if someone knows a good sound editor let me know!