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John Ashker, Stuntman

John Ashker

John got his start in the stunt business back in 1986 in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. He spent his earlier years honing the skills that would eventually lead to his profession. Whether it was motocross or skydiving, John was ready to try or do anything adventurous.

Which, in 1986, led him to the set of the Cannon film "Avenging Force". Although he was only on the set to visit a friend working on the crew, his thirst for action and adventure led him to Stunt Coordinator John Barrett. Barrett was so impressed with John's demonstration of his fighting skills, that he hired him on the spot.

Encouraged by the L.A. Stuntmen on the show, John packed his life into his car and moved to L.A.

For the first seven years, John established himself among the Hollywood Stuntmen as a talented stunt performer. Often when a Stunt Coordinator needed a stuntman who could deliver dialogue, they knew they could depend on John.

John made the transition from stuntman to Stunt Coordinator in 1995, when he worked for Producer Chris Moore on the film "Glory Daze".

John on the Set of "The Bad Pack". John hit the car at about 30 mph and flew 35 feet.

Stunt Filmography

Blade 3: Trinity (2004) (stunts)

Torque (2004) (stunt driver)

Trespassing (2003) (stunt driver)

Italian Job, The (2003) (utility stunts) (uncredited)
... aka Braquage l'italienne (2003) (France)

Kung Phooey! (2003) (stunt coordinator)

Biker Boyz (2003) (motorcycle stunts)

"Birds of Prey" (2002) TV Series (stunt driver)
... aka "BOP" (2002) (USA: promotional abbreviation)


John getting some hands on advice from Snake Pliskin himself from the film "Escape from L.A.".

Red Skies (2002) (TV) (stunts)

Minority Report (2002) (stunts)

Windtalkers (2002) (stunts)

Spider-Man (2002) (utility stunts)

"Alias" (2001) TV Series (stunts)

Forsaken, The (2001) (assistant stunt coordinator) (stunt double: Jonathan Scheach)
... aka Forsaken: Desert Vampires, The (2001) (Australia: promotional title)


John getting blown up for Pamela Anderson's "V.I.P."

"Malcolm in the Middle" (2000) TV Series (stunt driver)

Cypress Edge (1999) (stunts)

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999) (V) (stunts)
... aka Children of the Corn 666 (1999) (V) (USA: short title)

"Stark Raving Mad" (1999) TV Series (stunt driver)

Applewood 911 (1998) (TV) (stunt coordinator)

Shark in a Bottle (1998) (stunt double: Danny Nucci)

Fait Accompli (1998) (stunt coordinator) (stunt double)

*This represents a small portion of John's stunt resume. He has appeared in films dating back to 1986 including: The Bad Pack, The Big Easy,Escape from L.A., Batman Forever and Wayne's World. For a complete list go to
John on the set of Wayne's World

Q & A with John Ashker

Film Addiction: As a stunt coordinator, what is your role on the set of a movie production?
John Ashker: As a Coordinator you are usually involved in the pre-production stage. Making decisions on how stunts will work and collaborating with the producer and director on there vision of the action
FA: Do you see CGI as having an effect on live stunts?
JA:It has to a small degree but it is still cheaper and better looking to do it practically. We also mix allot of practical stunts with Vis-FX
FA: What kind of prep work goes into a film such as The Italian Job, for example:
JA:The vehicles in the subway station on Hollywood Blvd. was huge prep. All of the stone steps had to be covered with wood painted like stone so we did not damage the real stuff. The three Mini's had to be fitted with Electric motors because no fuel emissions where allowed in the tunnels and the company had to pay retailers for blocking there store fronts. Three weeks on Hollywood Blvd costs Millions.
FA:Over the years, who have been some of your favorite people to work with?
JA:John Woo was a pleasure. He really looks out for stunt people. Producer, Chris Moore was also very easy to work with. Actors I've enjoyed working with: Dana Carvey, Dean Cain, Jonathan Schaech, Kirt Russell, Brendan Frasier, Ashley Scott, Katie Seagal, Lee Majors.
FA: What is involved in 2nd Unit work?
JA:Shooting Second Unit usually involves shooting a stunt sequence but even non-action movies sometimes uses a second unit to get shots that don't involve the lead actors. A stunt second unit would usually involve only stunt doubles and maybe an actor or two. I.E. Car chase, Big fight scene. It's a way for the company to get more sequences done in a shorter time frame because the Actors can shoot their dialog while the doubles shoot the action.
FA:OK, I have to ask the obvious question-Have you ever been hurt doing a stunt?
JA:I have not been injured badly on set, Broken wrist, Torn ACL and stitches a couple of times and of course lots of lumps and contusions.
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Mr. Ashker will be appearing in Warner Bros. "Torque" due for release  January 16, 2004. Mr. Ashker will be featured as the Yellow Racer.