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Ryan Shiraki, Director and Screenwriter
Ryan Shiraki, Director
Ryan Shiraki is one of many Asian Filmmakers making an impact on today's film market. His feature film directorial debut "Home of Phobia" will premiere this week at the Sundance Film Festival.

Ryan Shiraki is a graduate of Brown University.  He got his start as a producer for Saturday Night Live where he spent 8 years.  Additionally, he was Executive Producer of SNL 25: THE MUSICAL PERFORMANCES, a double album from Dreamworks Records.  During his stint at SNL, Shiraki wrote the independent feature THE SHALLOW END that was produced in 2001. 


 Recently, Shiraki sold a pitch entitled IN THE PINK to Revolution Studios, a comedy which starts production in the spring of 2004 starring Tim Allen, Bette Midler, Cher, and Wanda Sykes.   Shiraki also has written scripts for Fox 2000, Dreamworks and Miramax.  Presently, he is in post-production on a film he wrote and directed entitled HOME OF PHOBIA.  HSI financed the film that stars Sam Huntington, Heather Matarazzo, Mike Erwin, Kaitlin Doubleday, Rachel Dratch, and John Goodman.  The film will premiere at this year's Sundance Film Festival.  Next Shiraki will write, direct, and executive produce a half hour pilot for Showtime Networks. 

Answer This?
 Q & A with Mr.Shiraki

Film Addiction: Your cinematographer,Amy Vincent, has an impressive resume. How did she get interested in House of Phobia?

 Ryan Shiraki: Amy Vincent was brought to our attention by her agent.  We met, fell in love, and then made a movie.


FA: Where is the Home of Phobia headed after Sundance? Has it been picked up for distribution?

RS: HOME OF PHOBIA has not been picked up for distribution.


FA: Did you draw on any of your experiences when writing Home of Phobia?

RS: Much of the film is based on my experiences at Brown University.  Sexual politics were all a-frenzy.  It was man on man, woman on woman, and of course, woman on man.  I wanted to make a film that captured the fluidity of identity that I witnessed at school and how these sexual pursuits actually created a kind of political discourse.


FA: What is your connection with Saturday Night Live?

RS: I began working at SNL as an assistant right after I graduated from college.  I was then put in charge of all the musical guests, and eventually was made head of talent.


FA: You have recently made a pitch for a movie called "In the Pink", can you tell me a little more about this project?

RS: IN THE PINK is a script I wrote for Revolution Studios.  The film is a comedy about a wayward playboy in Dallas, TX who when fired from his cushy coporate job can only find work as a salesman for Mary Kay cosmetics.  Through make-overs and make-up he learns to be sensitive to his wife and, ulitmately, women in general.  Dan Halsted (who also produced HOME OF PHOBIA) is producing the film.  They expect to begin shooting in the summer of 2004 with Tim Allen, Cher, Bette Midler, and Wanda Sykes


FA: You obviously have a strong comedic background, but do you see yourself breaking out into other genres?

RS: While I love comedy, I very much would like to make a more dramatic film one day.  Or maybe even a musical.

A Closer Look: Home of Phobia
It's his first week at college, and Clay Atkins (Sam Huntington) is getting no love. Despite effervescent charm and boyish good looks, his straight-white-male privilege is proving a liability to getting laid, rather than an all-access pass to the campus "ho-asis." Welcome to college, circa 2003, where wimmin coordinate the struggle of oppressed groups on campus instead of struggling to get out of their sweaters at boys' behest. But when a frat prank casts Clay as a gay, and the sexy, self-effacing Amanda (Kaitlin Doubleday) asks him to a queer poetry slam, he's dazed and confused but can't resist seeing where this charade will take him.
In the Pink
A wealthy, womanizing Texas businessman (Tim Allen) loses his corporate job and begins selling Mary Kay cosmetics to pay his bills. Eventually, through his door-to-door dealings with women, he becomes an expert on selling makeup and strikes it rich again.